Microsoft Excel, Word and PowerPoint Microsoft Excel, Word and PowerPoint Microsoft Excel, Word and PowerPoint Microsoft Excel, Word and PowerPoint Microsoft Excel, Word and PowerPoint

Finding right MS Excel tutorials

Top 7 Microsoft Excel templates

If you are looking for the best tutorials for Microsoft Excel, which could improve their skills with this fantastic tool, then you want to read this article. A wide range of courses there, introducing the basis for excellence, more intermediate skills, such as keyboard shortcuts and formulas, and advanced modeling and complex analysis, macro and the automation.

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PowerPoint Tips For The Beginner

Top 6 tips for Microsoft Excel usersAs a professional in your field, you know the benefits of using Microsoft Excel. There is a way to make it an even more powerful tool in managing their business. The added advantage of Microsoft Excel training their employees will operate more effectively and improve their profitability. May your employees already be familiar with many of the capabilities of Excel.

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MS Office Guide

Microsoft Excel, Word and PowerPoint

In addition to Microsoft Office is now considered one of the major software applications. This is a request from the company. Including Microsoft Office applications like Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc, the main applications used are Word, Excel and PowerPoint. Here are the features available to learn.

Some of these feature, you should understand about Microsoft Excel to release the potential of this application works with spreadsheets. Understand the different options available for you to master Microsoft Excel.

Microsoft Excel is a spreadsheet for analysis and development of tools that provides the tools necessary to manage critical business data and make the most of your information. Excel gives you the tools to easily access, process, analyze, share and display the information you need to run your business. Excel can be used to create spreadsheets and wages, generating invoices, tracking actions and help complete the list of inventory control and tracking your business income and expenses.

Excel includes a superior intelligence that you do not make mistakes. It instantly exposes potential errors affecting the precision of May Error checking labels to alert you of errors and give you options for resolving the error, ignore it or to access other options.

Some of these features, you should understand about Microsoft Excel to release the potential of this application works with spreadsheets, formatting cells, different menus and toolbars, data entry and the publishing, travel to different spreadsheets formula calculation, the integration of various functions such as date and time, mathematical functions, use of different cards available, add, edit and delete comments on the cells, etc.

The first Excel spreadsheet that allows the user to define the appearance of spreadsheets (fonts, character attributes and appearance of cells). XLS file format is used by the extension of the spreadsheet application Microsoft Excel. It also introduced intelligent cell recomputation, where only cells dependent on cell changes are updated.

Excel offers many options for the user interface in the first electronic spreadsheet, however, remains essentially the same as in the spreadsheet, VisiCalc, the program shows the cells arranged in rows and columns, and each cell contains a data or relative or absolute references to other cells.

VBA which stands for Visual Basic for Application are bundled with Microsoft Excel, a programming language based on Visual Basic, which adds the ability to automate tasks in Excel and to provide user-defined functions (UDF) for use in sheet calculation at work. VBA is a plus to the letter, in later versions, including an integrated development environment (IDE). May cause burns of the VBA macro code to repeat the actions of the user, allowing the automation of simple tasks. VBA allows you to create forms and controls on the worksheet to contact the user. Supports the use of language (but not creation) of the ActiveX (COM) DLL, add support later versions of the class of modules using techniques of object-oriented programming.

In a work environment can be limited in time, you can take to learn more about Microsoft Excel and make better use of its many features. May it be something to do with his time at home online? As many of these features will not be a cost of access can be very useful. The small amount of time that could happen to the house in search of new features on the home page in Microsoft Excel, can be something that will save you hours of time at work because most of the functionality of the help to show that advice to save time and advice on the use of Excel.

Each time a new version of Microsoft Excel, there is no change in the program. Characteristics of support that allows you to always know which version, and explains how to perform a function in this version.

Programming with Excel

Excel offers users the ability to write code using the programming language Visual Basic for Applications (VBA). Programmers write code using an editor of view, regardless of the spreadsheet. Handling the entries in the spreadsheet can be controlled using objects. With this code, a function or a subroutine that can be installed on a base or Fortran-like language can be executed by the proper spreadsheet, and results of the written code that is displayed instantly on their calculations or charts (graphs). The spreadsheet becomes an interface or window with the code, which facilitates interaction with the code and what is calculated. VBA also supports basic forms integrated into the GUI-based programming of the spreadsheet so that all applications based on the shape May be written in Excel.

The most common and easy way to generate code is to use the macro recorder VBA code that writes the actions that the user with the mouse / keyboard. Some features, such as loop functions and show their properties can not be recorded, but must be introduced into the VBA module directly by the programmer. Macros can be activated by a menu button using the advanced users and users can use to create an interactive program.

You can get Excel to use multiple ways in your business. For example in the use of production time. Including the simple formulas of the time sheet, the number of hours worked per day or per week can be calculated and compared with an employee’s contract hours. Using similar techniques of working hours, holidays and the lack of monitoring of planning can also be created easily.

You can use Excel to generate their invoices. You can create an Excel template that includes your name and company logo and the date automatically generated. Using the formulas available in Excel can automatically perform the calculations of the amount of time price.

Keyboards Shortcuts for using Excel

Below is a listing of all the major shortcut keys in Microsoft Excel will be helpful for the users.

F2 Edit the current selected cell.
F5 Go to a specific cell. For example, C6.
F7 Spell check selected text and/or document.
F11 Create chart.
Ctrl + Shift + ; Enter the current time.
Ctrl + ; Enter the current date.
Alt + Shift + F1 Insert New Worksheet.
Shift + F3 Open the Excel formula window.
Shift + F5 Bring up search box.
Ctrl + A Select all contents of the worksheet.
Ctrl + B Bold highlighted selection.
Ctrl + I Italic highlighted selection.
Ctrl + K Insert link.
Ctrl + U Underline highlighted selection.
Ctrl + 5 Strikethrough highlighted selection.
Ctrl + P Bring up the print dialog box to begin printing.
Ctrl + Z Undo last action.
Ctrl + F9 Minimize current window.
Ctrl + F10 Maximize currently selected window.
Ctrl + F6 Switch between open workbooks / windows.
Ctrl + Page up Move between Excel work sheets in the same Excel document.
Ctrl + Page down Move between Excel work sheets in the same Excel document.
Ctrl + Tab Move between Two or more open Excel files.
Alt + = Create a formula to sum all of the above cells
Ctrl + Space Select entire column.
Shift + Space Select entire row.

New features in Excel 2007

The latest version of Excel, which comes with Office 2007, is still very impressive, on the basis of many of these same characteristics. One of the first things you notice that Excel 2007 now has 1,048,576 rows and 16,384 columns and management, 2 GB of memory (compared with 65,536 rows, 256 columns and 1 GB). As a result, cells May have three letters represent column. The old cells have been 16,777,216. An Excel spreadsheet 17,179,869,184 has 2007 cells (1,024 times). Along with this increased capacity is a new file format (*. xls) in XML, allowing a reduction in file size. In a book that I use, the size was reduced from 463 K (saved as xls) to 267K (saved as xls) through a reduction of 40% by the transition to the new format.

The Formatting has greatly improved in Excel 2007. In Excel 2007, an arcade-style house on the tape under the tab shows the different styles, which allows for quick formatting options for the background color, font, color, number format, borders. The themes in Microsoft Office 2007, which are like the styles, at once an element is defined in all applications of Microsoft Office 2007, is available in the others. Other features such as

1. Formula writing is much easier with a formula bar, the size, range name and other management tools to improve the formula.

2. Improved tools for filtering and sorting, including the ability to sort data by color and by more than 3 (and up to 64) levels.

3. The improvement in terms of layout ensures that what you see on screen is what will print.

4. Improving PivotTable updated with new features to summarize, analyze, and format your PivotTable data.

Microsoft Excel is easy to use and has many features that you use the more you learn. It has a large Excel spreadsheet through the included documentation in the help menu. Each function in the menu has a unique attribute to help the user to understand. Each tab defines its own presence and to help each button with text on the same alternative.

With one of the most popular and widely used program like Microsoft Excel, there are many places to turn if you need help or assistance in using the product. Since the spreadsheet offers many tools, there will probably be times when something goes wrong you or an employee does not understand and you will find outside help.

Microsoft Word

Microsoft and its suite of products are used around the world, and more often that companies do not turn around Microsoft Office. As it is essential for the proper functioning of the company, not just small businesses and home users, it is vital that all systems operate efficiently and effectively. In addition, it is important that people have adequate training and support for Microsoft handheld. The type of help that Microsoft has a sense for them to kind of help that Microsoft is really effective in solving their problems.

The Microsoft Word 2002 version was generally called as Microsoft Word for Windows XP. Windows XP is one of the best products from Microsoft and has been widely accepted. The Office edition of the operating system must match the popularity that the operating system enjoyed.

Microsoft Word gives you everything you can imagine in terms of word processing. Far beyond just as a typewriter-mail, Microsoft Word to help manage the spelling and grammar, to combine several documents into one, and create reports and notes with embedded graphics and other files as Excel spreadsheets. May you also be surprised to learn that you can use Word as email editor in Outlook, so that the full functionality of a change of type fonts and sizes, colors and formatting.

Starting with Word 2003

The best way to start learning the new features of Word 2003 is the beginning of the program. In the chart below are some of the highlights are presented to help you find the new package of Word. The biggest change in Microsoft Word 2003 was purely new makeup – the emergence of a Word 2003 document is more than three dimensions as in previous versions of Word.

The application Microsoft Word was primarily designed for word processing and for business purposes. It can also be used for mail merge, or to create tables. There are new features in Word 2003, worth a detour, as the search for information, a concept of reading to see how your pages look and a new help icon for easy access.

Is a component of Microsoft Office system, however, is also sold as a standalone product and included in Microsoft Works Suite. Since the 2003 version, the mark has been revised to emphasize the identity of the Word as a component of the Office suite, Microsoft has begun to call it Microsoft Office Word instead of merely Microsoft Word. The latest versions are in Word 2007 for Windows is available in trade-ins that extend the capabilities of Microsoft Word.

Microsoft Office Assistant

This chart is a form of interactive access using Word, you can always choose to using Microsoft Word or use F1 to get help if the graph is not visible.

Let Word and other names of type commonly used words and phrases. The automatic correction function in the Tools menu is extended by two or three letters in a shortcut name, a word or phrase, so that you do not have to enter them manually. Once configured, simply type the abbreviation and pressing the spacebar Word text automatically for you.

Main features of the MS Word

Built in search options

Microsoft Word for Windows XP has understood very well with search option integrated within itself. This option is essential when trying to find a missing document. You can search based on keywords or based on file names.

Multiple selections

A feature that was surprisingly long for Microsoft to make is the selection of several traits. Things have changed for Microsoft Word XP. Selecting different parts of the document while holding down the control button, multiple selections are possible. This is useful when you want to apply a format or style to the different areas of a document.

Tracking Changes
The function of tracking changes made by others to a particular document has been greatly improved with Microsoft Word for Windows XP. Editions by different people have different colors and other elements are also used for marking.


AutoSummarize highlight passages or phrases that it considers useful. The amount of text to be used can be specified by the user as a percentage of the amount of text.

Compare revisions document

When you want to combine or compare revisions to several authors, it would be good to see the original document, the revised document and a list of differences – all on one screen. Compare and Merge tool (which is in the form of consideration) may submit their documents to manage and allows you to combine two documents into one, control and flexibility. You can even scroll through both documents at the same time. It is a very useful tool to help you see the differences in the documents in a snap.

Keyboard shortcut keys Basic for MS Word

Keyboard shortcuts to provide easier and more rapid method of navigation and use of software. Keyboard shortcuts are accessed using the Alt key (on computers). Here is a list of shortcuts that can be useful when working with words and can save your time.

CTRL+Y Redo. In some cases, if there is nothing to redo, this repeats the last action.
CTRL+P Print
ALT+F4 Close the active window
CTRL+I Italic
CTRL+U Underline
CTRL+R Align right
CTRL+E Align center
CTRL+L Align left
CTRL+V Paste
CTRL+C+CTRL+C Open the clipboard
CTRL+H Replace
CTRL+A Select whole document
F7 Spell checker
SHIFT+F7 Thesaurus
CTRL+SHIFT+S Style box
CTRL+SHIFT+N Change font to Normal style

Bullets and Numbering

To add bullets and numbering of the paragraphs and highlight the text you want to apply bullets / numbering and:

1) Go to Format and select any number and add bullets paragraphs and you can see the text.

Features of new Microsoft Word 2007

MS Word 2007 is very different from one another than the previous version of Ms-Word 97 Ms Word 2003. This article describes some of these features, you do not know.

A feature of Microsoft Word 2007, other versions of Word window is empty, with Word 2007 you notice that the size of the toolbar that appears below the menu bar is quite large and has two lines while word2003 a small toolbar online.

Among the most notable include the Office Button, which is not present in other versions of Word. In previous versions, the Office button in the toolbar file. You get most of the features that are in the file menu of the Office button, Save As command, except that it gives you the ability to save the document in white convertible. To be convertible into other versions of MS Word, you will have no problem opening and editing a file in Word 2007.

Another characteristic that must be noted is the PDF menu that allows you to save your work as a PDF file format.

Word 2007 uses a new file format called docx. 2000-2003 word Windows users can install a free add-on called “Microsoft Office Compatibility Pack to open, edit and save new files in Word 2007. Also documents created in Word 2007 can save in the old format of Word 97-2003.


Like other Microsoft Office documents, Word files can include macros, and even programs. Like other Microsoft Office documents, Word files can include macros, and even programs. Macros are a series of events that can be programmed to run automatically. A macro can be used to automate the printing of envelopes of all, the addition of water to a page, to create a more personalized and complex chain of events.

File Protection

When you share a file or document that you do not want people to change things? Or maybe you want to protect those who might be looking for its files and you do not want anybody just to see what you have written. You can protect your files with a password, go to Tools and the protection of documents. Once there you will see a menu with options and a place to enter a password. That’s all you have to do and now you have control over who sees your content.

Microsoft PowerPoint

Microsoft PowerPoint is considering powerful tool for creating and developing professional presentation program and slide shows developed by Microsoft. It is part of the Microsoft Office suite, and runs on Microsoft Windows and Apple Mac OS X operating systems. It is widely used by businesspeople, educators, students and trainers.
Microsoft PowerPoint is what I think the most powerful presentation tool available on the market. Microsoft PowerPoint has caught the imagination of millions of people around the world. It has never been easier to do so, as well as presentations at meetings, parties or seminars. Added to this, features such as animation styles, images and PowerPoint templates that provide suites. You can use any template, add pictures to animation and assign to the text to make the presentation is attractive. All these features, but very charming and attractive because of the overheads on space and processing time on the computer. This is where you could understand that PowerPoint presentations online is much heavier and a lot of time to file directly.

Microsoft PowerPoint also offers other plug-ins that allows the user to convert the. Ppt (typically the file extension for PowerPoint) to a file. Doc. Txt o. Html files (document, text and HTML extensions, respectively). This allows using only the outline of the text of the presentation that requires much less space than normal. Ppt file. In the worst case, could also take snapshots of your slides and use them instead of making the presentation.
Advanced to make PowerPoint presentations more powerful and effective. Some users implement this PowerPoint technique in their presentation.

Animated Charts

Basic users of PowerPoint to create simple graphics and static. PowerPoint users inject into their lives by adding simple animation cards.

Select “Slide Show Custom Animation” Select the graphic object and then click “Add an entry in the Custom Animation window to display a list of animation effects such as curtains and table. Once you select the effect you can change properties such as direction and speed of the effect.

To customize the animation Click on the arrow next to the name of the table to show new selections such as “the effects of options.”

Skip slides

Advanced PowerPoint training demonstrates the creation of a hyperlink that allows the presenter to skip the training base, if the public did not need.
Select “Slideshow and action buttons to choose one of the buttons presented. The” Action Settings “appears. Select “link:” and then in the dropdown menu below to select the slide that follows the basic computer.

Create a Self-Running Presentation

Place a transaction can be a great technical presentation of the presentation of information in exchange for a hearing on such a spectacle. Once started, is carried out automatically without the need for a presenter. You can change the order of values of this group as you like. This PowerPoint advanced technique is actually very simple to configure.

These are just some of the techniques outlined in an advanced course on PowerPoint presentations to capture the interest of your audience.
PowerPoint is really fun with some special effects such as fountains and special effects such as fading or other forms of text can be found in each slide. Avoid the temptation too cute with those effects.

Multiple slide masters

PowerPoint comes with many pre-defined and master slide, you can design your own too. You want to use multiple slide masters if they have groups of slides that require the same design.

Masters to create several slides, select Insert Slide Master Slide Master tab. Ctrl + M will do the same. You can also double your Slide Master and make changes to the double. With this technique, you can make changes to the Slide Master doubled that do not require a remake of the entire slide master. This allows you to maintain the same look and feel of your original slide master.

You can apply a master slide to one or multiple slides by selecting the slides you want to edit. Select Start> Design. Once you have a double slide Master, Slide Master, or a second, his new master slide is stored in the design of the gallery design. Gallery of designs slide chooses the one you want by clicking it. All slides will be re-selected format.

Limit the number of teachers in their presentation slides, as most slides are the most memory will require the submission and can not smooth your computer.

PowerPoint tips and tricks

1. Get rid of menus at a glance
Forget the reaction of the user when the feature was introduced in Word years, the Office team decided to try again. Unfortunately, it is still boring. To see all the options when you click on the menu, go to Tools / Customize, click the Options tab, and uncheck “menus show recently used commands.

2. Preview Fonts in the toolbar
If you want to see previews of the real sources of the selection of the source of the toolbar layout, go to Tools / Customize, click the Options tab and click “List font names in their font “click on Close.

3. Use Ctrl + drag to copy
You can make a copy of any object by holding down the CTRL key while dragging the object. Then drag a new copy.

4. Overview of the effects of
While editing a presentation, hold the CTRL key while you click the Slideshow button, which opens a small preview window that shows the slides in slideshow mode.

5. The use of different origins in a presentation
PowerPoint users have only two basic models automatically from the control slides for both the control and the title master. However, you can make a design you want on a slide.

From the Format menu, select Background. Check the box that says “delete in-depth articles, which cause to ignore the Slide Master Slide design. You are now free to add
Any design you want.

6. Easily switch from uppercase to lowercase
If you have a text which is bad in the case, select the text and then click Shift + F3 until it changes the style you want. Clicking Shift + F3 toggles the text case UPPERCASE, lowercase, and styles of capital. You’ll be surprised how often it is used when you hang him!

7. Selection of small objects
Press the ESCAPE key to ensure that nothing is selected, and then repeatedly hit the TAB key, which is activated through a selection of all objects in a slide. This is useful for selecting very small objects, or objects that are covered by other larger objects.

8. Helpful keyboard shortcuts for PowerPoint

CTRL+N Create a new presentation
CTRL+K Insert a hyperlink
F7 Check spelling
CTRL+Z Undo an action
CTRL+Y Redo or repeat an action
ALT+F4 Quit PowerPoint
CTRL+M Insert a new slide
CTRL+D Make a duplicate of the current slide
CTRL+O Open a presentation
CTRL+W Close a presentation
CTRL+P Print a presentation
CTRL+S Save a presentation
F5 Start your slideshow
CTRL+P Redisplay a hidden pointer and/or change the pointer to a pen
CTRL+A Redisplay a hidden pointer and/or change the pointer to an arrow
ESC, CTRL+BREAK End a slide show
CTRL+H Hide the pointer and navigation button
SHIFT+F3 Capitalize
CTRL+T Open the Font dialog box
F6 Switch to the next pane (clockwise)
SHIFT+F6 Switch to the previous pane (counterclockwise)
CTRL+G View guides

Securing PowerPoint

PowerPoint is a concern for safety when your presentation contains sensitive or confidential information. Following are the number of methods to ensure their submission to avoid the manipulation of information or theft of their ideas.

To set a password to open your PowerPoint presentation

Follow these steps:

1. Select Tools >Options
2. Click the Security tab
3. There are two options for password in this dialog
4. Choose a password change if you want others to prohibit the presentation of the edition
5. Then type the password in the box asking you to confirm.
6. Save and close your presentation

PowerPoint also comes with a new feature that is encryption which will keep your documents encrypted to keep others from accessing your presentation documents. A password is assigned by you in the process of creating the presentation. The user of Microsoft PowerPoint must enter the password to view their work.

1. Open the presentation.
2. Click the office button.
3. From the drop-down list, select Prepare >Encrypt Document
4. Enter a password.
5. Click OK
6. Re-enter password to confirm.
7. Click OK again.

After encrypting of Microsoft PowerPoint you must provide the password to re-open the presentation.

Additional features of Microsoft PowerPoint 2007

New programs in addition to Microsoft Office 2007, Microsoft PowerPoint 2007 also comes with more updated look and improved tools:

1. PowerPoint 2007 includes new themes, concepts, styles and quick to offer a wide range of options for the format of their presentation. In the past, a presentation format is time, because he had to choose the color and style options individually. With one click, the background, text, graphics, tables, graphs and all change to reflect the selected theme, while ensuring all elements of your presentation complement one another. Select a theme, and the rapid change of style galleries to take account of the matter.

2. Updates Office 2007 in the environment makes the search for commands and tools easier for you. The new interface of Office programs makes easier and more efficient.

3. With Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2007 there are now extended possibilities for presentation of slides in each slide model. In addition, you can also create your own slide layouts.

4. PowerPoint 2007 Graphics are now automatically created in Excel for easy use and professional results.

5. With new features and improve the protection and management of information, you can find and remove hidden data, sometimes called metadata and personal information, and prevent changes to the final version of a presentation.

6. When you scroll over the wide range of topics in the PowerPoint presentation, you can see the slides and objects with a preview screen in real time to show what you look like if you decide to apply the settings.

Creation of the charts

PowerPoint 2007 lets you create and display graphics. You can enter information in a spreadsheet, PowerPoint and create a chart to appear on the slide.

Make presentation more portable

It is a common practice to save a PowerPoint presentation to open it in another computer. You can save your presentation to the packaging of a CD or a new folder on your computer or other means, such as a USB drive. PowerPoint CD Package allows you to understand your linked files and the PowerPoint viewer ensures your submission will be the majority of computers.

Viewing online presentations

After a PowerPoint presentation is saved as an HTML file, you can view it using a Web browser. PowerPoint has great option to view your presentation slides in web browser this helps for those do not have PowerPoint software installed on the computers.

Working with design themes

Using themes in your PowerPoint presentations can be very practical and effective. The topics include the design of preset fonts, color palettes, effects, format, and the backgrounds that give your presentation a professional look. PowerPoint offers a number of options to deal with slides. If you choose a theme, you can customize to meet your needs. You can even create your own theme.

The current versions of Microsoft Office 2007 are published on January 30, 2007 and Office 2008 released January 15, 2008. 2007/Office Office 2008 introduced a new user interface and the new Office document formats Open XML (docx, xlsx, and pptx). It is available free from Microsoft, the addition known as the Microsoft Office Compatibility Pack to work with Office 2000-2003 editions of Office 2004 to open, edit and save documents created under the new Office 2007 formats.

As you can see, there are a massive features in these programs you May not be aware. To be more efficient and more productive to work with the office, you should be prepared to choose training that meets your needs. Microsoft Office is not difficult to use, but to really take full advantage of this powerful platform, you need no training.

PowerPoint Tips For The Beginner

PowerPoint Tips For The BeginnerThat Microsoft Office PowerPoint is a really useful bit of software, everyone knows. There are those moments in everyone’s lives, when they wish, really wish they knew how to create a slick PowerPoint presentation that they could use to get their ideas across, bulleted text transitioning across the projection screen.

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Creating resume using Microsoft word

Creating resume using Microsoft word

When you panic on how to write your resume from scratch, you can also consider using templates of Microsoft Word. Cost nothing, and you’ll be less reluctant to design and format. MS Word templates are in the professional, contemporary and elegant design. You can also choose between an entry level, in chronological order.

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